Customer Success Story: Urology San Antonio

Today, our spotlight is on Urology San Antonio. In this Customer Success Story, you will learn about their practice, why they made the switch to Modio, and how they have been operating since the Covid-19 Pandemic started.     Read the entire story here.  

Modio’s Covid-19 Credentialing Resource Center

5 Critical Stats About Physician Credentialing That Every Healthcare Organization Needs To Know

It’s no secret that physician credentialing is critical, involves risk, and is time-consuming. In fact, credentialing is one of the most necessary processes in healthcare to protect patients, providers, and healthcare organizations. Physicians can’t practice medicine or get paid if they aren’t properly credentialed, yet

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Customer Success Story : Ventura Orthopedics

  Today, our spotlight is on Amanda, the credentialing coordinator at Ventura Orthopedics. Running the entire credentialing department on her own for 66 providers, Amanda knew it was time to seek out the best solution for managing her team.  Read her story and why she’s happy with

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The How-to Guide: Credentialing Telemedicine Providers

The How-to Guide: Credentialing Telemedicine Providers   In June, we explored the growing telehealth industry and how to prepare your hospital or clinic for telemedicine providers. This time, we`re sailing into (relatively) uncharted territory – the process of credentialing for telemedicine. Credentialing usually strikes fear

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The Doctor is (Always) In: The Growth of Telemedicine

The Doctor is (Always) In: The Growth of Telemedicine   Hospital visits may conjure up thoughts of white walls, the smell of bleach, and people in scrubs, but those associations might soon be replaced by visions of robots and touchscreens. We’re well into the Digital

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11 Critical Features to look for in Credential Management Software

11 Critical Features to look for in Credential Management Software – We’ve all heard the same stories about practice managers and credentialing departments working against the clock to finish up paperwork before midnight strikes and the deadline for Dr Smith’s application is up. It’s no

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Uncovering the True Cost of Medical Credentialing

This is the life of a typical healthcare practice manager: It’s 9 PM on a Friday. You’re still at the office, scrambling to finish the initial credentialing applications for the new providers joining your practice. Your desk is covered with 2-inch-thick personnel files, but you’re

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Modio OneView : Infographic

An easy breakdown of Modio’s OneView for Credential Management.  

Modio Health: A New Approach to Credentialing

American healthcare is unsteady and laborious about embracing the adoption of technology. This encourages the archaic habit of using paper alongside electronic systems for the management of documents and patient care. Such a state of affairs is prone to human error, which in turn results

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