The day you made a commitment to Modio, we also made a commitment to you: to always keep our credentialing platform at the top of its game. We know firsthand that running a medical practice means managing and navigating through a ton of provider data, and because of this, we are constantly seeking ways to make your experience in OneView® as seamless as possible. So today, we are beyond excited to announce that we’ve made some of the biggest enhancements in OneView® history that you’ll see this Thursday, October 5th, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!



Customized Credentials Dashboard: Customize and resize your columns by selecting what you want to view or hide. This will help you maximize your screen-space and let you focus on exactly what you need to see.
Bulk License Updaters: Save time by running team state, DEA, and controlled substance license updaters for up to 10 providers at once.
Set it & Forget it: Set alerts based on your own month range preference, meaning you can choose between a 1-6 month time frame for alert warnings. The system will remember your preferences.
Adding New Providers: Easily add providers to your team with OneView’s enhanced integrations with trusted data sources, like LexisNexis.
Simple Drag & Drop: Drag and drop documents directly to a line item with the new auto-file feature. Files will now be sorted into the appropriate document library. These documents can still be accessed from the Documents grid or within the documents tab of the record you dropped them on.
Click & Directly Edit Text: Directly click, edit, and add details to any line item without having to navigate into their respective credentialing sections. This will save you a ton of time since you can add credentialing information directly from one location.

There’s a ton of more features to explore like: 

  • New Carbon Integrations: SAM was introduced in 2022 and additional integrations will continue to be added exclusively to OneView V2.
  • Access to Audit History: Spot who changed the data on a record and when using the Audit History for each record. Simply click on the Last Updated date to compare prior records to current.
  • Additional Ways to Troubleshoot: Identify soft deleted records within a grid and restore with one click. If an error is spotted when running Carbon, you can modify the search criteria yourself to return successful results.

If you’re already familiar with our Alerts Report, you’ll love OneView V2. We designed it based on user feedback, offering a consolidated view for easier provider data management (see new OneView V2 button in the image below). OneView V2 not only replicates Alerts but adds even more capabilities. Check out our comprehensive guide to customize OneView V2 and supercharge your compliance management.




We believe that these enhancements will significantly improve your experience with OneView and streamline your credentialing process. To help you make the most of these new features, we have prepared a detailed features guide.

Additionally, you can find a treasure trove of tip guides, FAQs, and resources on our Support Page to support you on your new journey with OneView V2. We will be hosting Modio University courses covering every aspect of OneView V2 and as always, our support team is here to assist you through every step of the way.



Enroll in the Modio University courses for OneView V2 today!


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We appreciate your continued trust in Modio, and we are committed to delivering an even better experience with OneView.

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